Hermes RB 555 canvas sanding belt cork

Grain: Bez granulacije
Base: Otvoreno
Structure: X platno
Mokro/suho brušenje


Inox Titan Staklo/Kamen


Centerless grinder  Centerless grinder

Belt flat grinder  Hand sanding

Wide belt grinder  Wide belt grinder

Stationary belt grinder  Stationary belt grinder

Backstand belt grinding mach  Backstand belt grinding mach


  Narrow belts

  Wide belts

Hermes RB 555 canvas sanding belt cork
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High-gloss stainless steel finish (mirror finish)
Polishing the edges of the glass
Polishing ceramics and stone

Available in all sizes of narrow and wide straps
Wet or dry polish
Machine polishing of stainless steel sheets