Pobis was the sponsor of breaking the Guinness record

The Pobis company sponsored the breaking of the Guinness record for the longest underwater walk in one breath, which took place on June 30, 2024 at the Marina Kaštela pool.

On June 30, professional Croatian scuba diver Boris Milošić broke the Guinness record for the longest underwater walk in one breath, with an impressive length of 112 meters. This is a fantastic achievement for the 28-year-old diver known for his outstanding achievements in competitive freediving.

Breaking this Guinness World Record further emphasizes Boris’ success, especially since in 2020 he became the first man to officially walk a hundred meters underwater. The previous record was a distance of 107 meters, and Boris set a new standard by raising the record by an additional 5 meters.

The pool in which the record was broken is 16 meters wide, and Boris walked along its width at the bottom of the pool. It was necessary to cross the width of that pool six times in order to cross 96 meters, while Boris, with seven crossed widths, was able to walk a record 112 meters in total.

I practice scuba diving, but there are other disciplines as well. Normally we use fins or dive without fins, we don’t walk on the bottom of the pool, but this was part of the Guinness record. With fins, they can go 270 meters because the position of the body is such that it is much more hydrodynamic, so you can dive faster with less resistance, but here it is completely different. Walking under water is more difficult because you walk upright and thus create a great resistance against the water with your whole body, so you cannot reach high speeds. Otherwise, I can hold my breath for 8 and a half minutes.” said Boris Milošić, the owner of the new Guinness record.

You can watch the video of breaking the new Guinness record for the longest underwater walk here: