Abrasive belts

Abrasive belts are an integral part of almost every manufacturing process in all industries. We make them tailor made in all grain qualities and uses and on all available substrates.

Sanding belts are one of the most widely used sanding tools for finishing.

More about abrasivebelts:

They are made on different backing:

  • Abrasive belts made on paper backing. Granulation 24-1200
  • Abrasive belts made on cloth backing. Granulation 16-2500
  • Abrasive belts made on WEBRAX (Scotch-Brite) backing. Granulation Coarse, medium, fine, very fine
  • Abrasive belts made on film backing. Granulation 120-2500
  • Felt polishing belts -for polishing without abrasives.

All grinding belts are made according to the customer specification from the world known Materials: HERMES, VSM, KLINGSPOR, 3M

Due to the type of grain, the grinding belts differ according to the purpose of:

  • oxide – a grain of exceptional strength. The main purpose for grinding wood, steel, inox. It's usually red color. Available in Granulations P12-800.
  • Zyrkon – A tougher grain than Al.oxide and is most often produced in the combination of Al.oxide grain. Mainly is using to sanding stainless-steel. It is very good when sanding aluminum castings. Precisely this mixture of Al.oxide and Zyrkon grains results in excellent cutting properties and very good resistance to clogging, namely gluing aluminum dust. Because of this reason, zyrkon belts are used very often in leather industry and for floor grinding. It is almost always delivered as a material in blue color.
  • SiC – Silicon carbide is a very hard and sharp grain, so it is applied in the processing of very hard materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, marble, cast iron, etc. It is also used for finer granulation in the sanding process and before polishing steinless-steel. Due to its very good cutting properties, it is also used for grinding composite materials, plastics, epoxy resins. Usually such materials are of black color.
  • Ceramic Grain CERAMIT is the hardest grain with the greatest abrading resistance. It is used to sanding very hard materials such as tool steel, titanium. Therefore, more and more applications are applied in the finishing of stainless steel and aluminum.

For the converting abrasive belts, it is essential to choose the appropriate type of joint

Types of joints on narrow and wide belts

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