Graphite cloth in roll HERMES GL 581

Grain: Grafit
Base: -
Structure: Platno
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Metal Inox Mesing Titan Drvo Boja Staklo/Kamen Plastika


Edge belt grinder  Edge belt grinder

Belt flat grinder  Hand sanding

Portable belt sander  Portable belt sander

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Graphite cloth in roll HERMES GL 581
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Standard dimensions (mm):

Width (mm) Lenght (mm) Granulation Packaging
100 50 - 1
120 50 - 1
150 50 - 1
160 50 - 1
200 50 - 1
Other on demand

It adheres to the packs through which it exerts pressure on the sanding belt
It is glued to the slipper on the contact grinders

The graphite coating allows for greater sliding, thus reducing the friction and heating of the sanding belt
Longer life of the sanding belt
Better antistatic properties of sandpaper
Reduced heating of the workpiece
Stainless steel is less likely to change color

It is bonded to the substrate using a flexible, heat-resistant adhesive
It is often glued to a technical felt of 5 or 10mm thickness

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