Disc Velcro Bracket – Manual (Yellow)


Metal Inox Aluminij Mesing Titan Drvo Parket Boja Ko�a Staklo/Kamen Plastika Detailing


Handblock-velcro disc holder  Handblock-velcro disc holder

Disc Velcro Bracket – Manual (Yellow)

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Standard dimensions (mm):

Diameter (Fi) Material Holes / Reception (Fi) Packaging
150 - - 1

Used for clamping fi150mm discs

Anatomical shape for easier holding in the hand
Used discs can be used completely by manual finishing

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Uses: Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass / Copper, Titanium, Wood, Parquet, Paint / Kit / Varnish, Leather, Glass / Stone, Plastic / Composites, Detailing / Auto and Yacht