3M Trizact sanding belt

Grain: Al. oxide
Base: Otvoreno
Structure: X-flex platno
Mokro/suho brušenje


Metal Inox Titan


Centerless grinder  Centerless grinder

Belt flat grinder  Hand sanding

Dynafile grinder  Dynafile grinder

Stationary belt grinder  Stationary belt grinder

Backstand belt grinding mach  Backstand belt grinding mach

Drum belt sander  Drum belt sander


  Narrow belts

3M Trizact sanding belt
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Trizact zrno A 160 A 100 A 65 A 45 A 30 A 16 A 6
Classic grain P 100 P 150 P 220 P 320 P 600 P 1200 P 3000

Final grinding and pre-polishing of stainless steel sheets, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel accessories
Final grinding and pre-polishing of butcher knives

Available in all dimensions of narrow straps
The three-dimensional grain structure allows even grinding from the beginning to the end of the use of the sanding belt
Three-dimensional grain provides multiple service life
Wet / dry grinding
Very fine machined surface on stainless steel, which is very quickly polished with a polishing ring to high gloss

It doesn’t take much pressure!

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Purpose: Stainless steel

Uses: Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass / Copper, Titanium