By starting our own production to the leading company in Croatia for the production and sale of abrasive materials

Pobis is the only company in Croatia that deals exclusively with abrasive and polishing materials and in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, provides solutions and professional support in selecting adequate abrasive tools and finishing equipment in all industries.

As there are no raw materials for this type of activity in Croatia, the cooperation with Hermes Schleifmittel was extremely important because it is a supplier who, in addition to the raw materials needed for the production of abrasives, provides all other professional support for smooth operation and business development.

By launching its own production this year, Pobis has become the leading company in Croatia engaged in the production and sale of abrasive materials for all industries.

The new business and production hall with a total area of 750 m2 was opened in 2021, of which 500 m2 is intended for production and storage and 250 m2 for office and ancillary premises. The total value of the investment was around 535.000 EUR.

Pobis currently has the most modern production of abrasive belts in Croatia with 5 employees in production itself. Abrasive belts are produced according to the individual needs of customers, in a short time with a guarantee of quality and according to the highest standards in the industry.

The goal is to always deliver the best and most innovative abrasive and polishing materials, sharing with our customers best practices, knowledge and experience gained over the years with flexibility and fast delivery. Pobis products are exported to the entire region today so Pobis abrasive and polishing materials are on the shelves in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Hungary.