Five years of successful business

Pobis d.o.o. from Koprivnica has been successfully engaged in the production and sale of abrasive and polishing materials, equipment and tools for five years. In these five years of operation, the company has achieved significant growth and has managed to cover the entire Croatian market.

Pobis in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners provides solutions and professional support in the selection of adequate grinding tools and finishing equipment in all branches of industry: automotive and aerospace, wood, metal, leather, glass, process industry, stainless steel production, carpentry and locksmith workshops, hobby masters and many others.

With this anniversary, Pobis not only celebrates five years of business, but also the realization of a five-year plan, all with the aim of developing business and maintaining contact with its customers. In the first five years, Pobis has achieved continuous sales growth and growth in the number of customers and is constantly expanding the range of products for finishing. The opening of new production and storage facilities and the expansion of the range with new products is expected soon.

The company sells its products, in addition to customers in Croatia, in neighboring countries: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro.

Pobis and its employees thank their customers, business partners and all friends for their trust and support in these first five years of business.